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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions about our Line Marking Services

Are Trade Licences involved in Line-Marking?

Yes there are and Pro-Linemarking Hornsby holds the required Trade Licences and Insurances as governed by TRADES MONITOR and holds an Assessment Certificate to undertake work in accordance with NSW Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Act and regulations.

We are therefore licenced and indeed specialise in commercial, strata title unit and public works projects where strict licence and insurance legislations apply.

Do you do work for Community Organisations?

We are available for both private and public works in all aspects of linemarking and signage.

Are you available for work on schools and business car parks and signage?

Yes we can facilitate work for schools, colleges, sporting clubs, commercial premises, strata units and even signage and road marking for new building projects and renovations.

We can provide a prompt and affordable option to renew or add new lines to your sports arenas and courts, commercial or property premises.

How long has Pro-Linemarking Hornsby been involved in the road marking industry?

Pro-Linemarking are a family owned business with experience in Road Linemarking and other forms of Commercial, Government and private Linemarking requirements since 2001.

Phone Pro-Linemarking Sydney    PH: 02 9476 5229 or 0417 046 540
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Phone Pro-Linemarking Sydney    PH: 02 9476 5229 or 0417 046 540

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